Sunday 10 March 2013


So, late last year, Henry and I kicked off The Mystery Cave as a fun challenge to ourselves and to each other, and, so far, we've had a blast posting various parodies, tributes and re-designs of various pop culture icons who have inspired us as artists. This year, however (2013), it has been a bit difficult to maintain a regular posting schedule with the Cave (work projects and other life commitments have to come first after all). But the thing is: we love doing this stuff and all these characters certainly do mean a lot to us, so we wanted to find a way to keep it going.

Here's the solution we've come up with: instead of waiting for each other to have finished a week's specified character before we post them on the blog together, we can now post ANY character we choose, any TIME we choose. The main idea is that the characters we post are intended as challenges to the other artist. For example... Henry, here's a new post: VADER.

That's LORD Vader to you.

Now, will Henry take up the challenge and show us his interpretation of the same character, or decide that Vader's just not his cup of tea (but I KNOW it's your cup of tea, Henry) and opt to post something else that's totally unrelated? OR... perhaps, y'know, he'll post NOTHING... letting us all down, letting the Mystery Cave down, letting himself down... Which way will it go? I guess we'll see!

Fingers crossed, everyone. Here's hoping the spirit of friendly competition will be the engine that kickstarts The Mystery Cave and keeps it going in 2013!

Vader, Henry. Vader.