Tuesday 4 February 2014

Jessica Rabbit - Partially-Inked Pencils

And here is a Jessica Rabbit for the same daily sketch challenge. I've been enjoying the @Sketch_Dailies twitter community a lot lately (tonnes of great artists who post work there), and I probably just got too ambitious on this one. Instead of a sketch, I started to draw a fully illustrated scene with a detailed background and everything. So I didn't get it finished by the time they'd posted the next challenge. That's okay, though, it means I can now take my time on it. And I can also post it in stages, so you can see some work as it progresses. Will probably post it again when I've finished inking.


Here's another attempt at one of the @Sketch_Dailies challenges. This time the subject posed was 'centaur'. As in the centaur of the universe.